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Web Site Brochure Package

Do you want to give your company a professional presence on the internet?

Open the doors to millions of potential customers who can read about your services or products simply by entering a few key words on an internet search engine.

We will take your current company brochures and literature and create a web site for you for a flat rate of $495 Canadian (approximately $325 US).

What you get for $495

  • A registered domain name of your choice, eg, www.yourcompany.com
  • Web site design - to be reviewed by you
  • Web site development - to be accepted by you
  • Search Engine Optimization - so others can find you on the web
  • Web site will be published on the internet and immediately accessible to millions of potential customers around the globe
  • You own the source code for your site.
  • Access and modify your site as you see fit.
  • Web site hosting for one year (see technical information)

Technical Information

The following features are also included in the package deal:
  • 20MB Web Storage
  • Unlimited FTP Access
  • Unlimited e-Mail Accounts
  • POP e-Mail Access
  • e-Mail AutoResponder
  • e-Mail Forwarding


  • We do not limit you to x no of pages
  • We do not limit you to x no of images per page
  • However, we obviously cannot spend an unlimited amount of time developing the package for you! We take each web site on a case by case basis. We will advise you on what we can do for you. If your site requires more than we can accommodate in our package deal we will tell you, we will let you know why, and give you a detailed estimate on the extra costs involved to give you what you need.
  • Web site will be registered and hosted for one year. Re-registration and hosting costs approximately $145 per year from then on.

Extra Features

The following are not included in the standard package deal, but can be developed by us if required.

  • Database access
  • Traffic reports
  • ECommerce - we will implement the best solution for your needs

If any extra features are desired, we will analyse your requirements and give a detailed estimate of the additional costs. If you wish to employ us to update and enhance your web site in the future we will gladly help.

Internet Facts

Worried that dot.com is dot.gone? Heard that the internet bubble has burst? The hype is definitely not the same as it was a couple of years ago, but the internet is here to stay, and it is growing.

There are currently over 15 million active internet users in Canada, over 150 million in USA and over 500 million in the world!

A small percentage of these people are a lot of potential customers for you!

Advantages of having your own web site

  • Your information is accessible to millions of people around the globe 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Your business appears more complete and professional
  • Update the content as often as you like with:
    • Special offers/promotions
    • Customer of the month
    • Conduct user surveys with feedback forms
    • Link to (and more importantly get linked from) other relevant web sites in your business domain

How Do I proceed?

Contact us. We will discuss your requirements and gather information from your current business material, such as brochures, flyers, etc.

We then create a storyboard. This shows the high level structure of your web site:

You approve the high level design and choose a navigation method. This is the way in which the public will move from one of your web pages to another.

Each page is designed in detail. After a design review with you, the web site is constructed. You review the site again, and give it your final approval.

Your web site is then published on the internet, for the whole on-line world to see!

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